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Try to resist this kind of thinking. As strong and as courageous as you are, the task this week is to figure out how to allow vulnerability to exist alongside your power. If your trust in yourself has been a little shaky over the past few days, or even the past few months, this week might see some of your old confidence come flowing back into you, electric and sure. Watch, this week, as the future expands wildly outward.

Maybe it will feel like some bright force inside you, propelling you onward, or maybe like a warm energy outside you, carrying you in its stream. Observing the world can feel safer than acting on it. Listening can feel safer than speaking. This week, you might find in yourself drawn toward openness, overcome with a wild desire to create. This week, you might feel swept away again by that old desire to do everything, to know everything, to experience everything the world holds — good and bad, cruel and gentle, fearsome and sweet.

This week, you can forgive yourself for not knowing it all. You can forgive yourself for not being as wise and as still as the earth itself. This week, it can feel like your thoughts keep getting in the way of your movement. The depths of your desire can sometimes seem like oceans, like forests, like canyons — beautiful and strange and full of life, but difficult to travel across. This week, resist any pressure to hurry to the other side. It is hard to rile you up.

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You will be rewarded for your hard work so take comfort in this. You are in a financially strong place but will spend money on auspicious events. This is a wonderful time for relationships. If you are starting a new relationship, you begin with honesty, fairness, sunshine and adventure. If in a long-term relationship, you re-inject some of these qualities into your love life.

Be sure that you counteract your plentiful eating this week with some exercise too!


You may be putting more into one than the other. Those of you who have been going through a dull phase in your marriage will see an improvement in your situation. But this cannot happen without conscious efforts on your part. The week ahead is the best time to express your feelings for someone as you are sure to get a positive response. You will reap the benefits of all the soul searching that you have done. Seniors at work are totally floored by your performance and your ability to work independently. Additional responsibilities may be loaded upon you.

Your do-or-die attitude and your tactful ways should help you handle a few tough responsibilities. If you are in the field of e-commerce and marketing, you need to be thorough at your work as you may find it harder to achieve set targets.

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Do yourself a favour by showing urgency towards your deadlines. Your financial condition will return to normal unlike last week. For people who want to start a new business especially in the field of beauty, fashion or clothing this is the best time to do so. People in the banking business will benefit from a change in policies. Again, for people in the import and export business, do not give up hope as things are going to change shortly.

Asthma patients could aggravate their problems purely due to negligence especially in the middle of the week.

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In this regard, it would be better to seriously consider making jogging an essential part of daily routine. Expectant mothers, do ignore spicy and junk food and ensure that you take a nutritious diet besides involving yourself in some sort of recreational activity. With the sun in Virgo, you need to find an outlet for physical, mental and emotional pressure and tension, one that is not self-destructive but more spiritual. You are a fire sign and as such you like to move and socialise, exercise and people are suggested outlets.

You are healthy, however, and auspicious events wait for you. On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra and you will find that your life partner supports all that you do. This placement generates a good understanding between married couples. If single, lady love may knock. Mercury in Libra suggests that your love life provides relief to you at this time.

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  4. This could be the catalyst that generates real change. You despite the indifference and anyone who displays this to you will feel your displeasure.

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    On the 23rd, Mercury moves into Scorpio and you may worry about the future. Be calm, considered and trusting in your approach. Take just one step at a time. Another stepping stone is sure to follow. The key here is not worried and if you do worry, to find outlets that mitigate how you feel. Venus in Libra suggests desirable results — work pays off.

    This month will be excellent for your love life as you get the good news you were impatiently waiting for. The person you admire and like will finally return your feelings and express the desire to know you better. Those of you who have recently gotten married will spend some lovely times with your spouse and this period will truly strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

    You may have to deal with someone that has a set against you. The midweek will bring a lift of mood, as the Moon skips into your sign.

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    Unusual circumstances are in the frame and there are some peculiar people to deal with as Mercury scrambles into your twelfth house of secrets. You may become involved with information or activities that must be kept confidential, or it may be you are not inclined to share your thoughts or ideas. Gathering information about the past or contact with people from your past is also a possibility.

    Friday could bring a very enjoyable adventure, which could have benefits in the long run. What is really making you happy? Keep it simple on the weekend as far as money goes. Sun shifts into your solar 11th house on September 23rd joining Mercury and Venus placed there already. Your calendar is likely to be full with lot of meetings, parties, and exciting business moves. Mars in your solar 10th house suggests that you can gain much by taking some daring decisions in career matters.

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    Yes — there is an element of risk involved in such a move — but taking risks is not something a sportive Sagittarian will shirk from! Otherwise, take things quietly and reflect on past events and present situations. Whatever plans or new activities you have, take time to let them develop. You can make a new start with your hopes and wishes.