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Many people consider their sun signs as their zodiac signs all their lives, and only the believers of astrology know that zodiac signs are not just ruled by the position of Sun on the date of their birth, but also by the position of Moon. The Moon sign forms the basic building blocks of your astrological chart. The position of the Moon at the time of your birth represents your inner soul and your deepest emotions.

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The Sun sign describes the zodiac personality, while the Moon sign represents your emotions and mood. Your entire emotional mode of operation is dictated by a combination of both the Sun sign and the Moon sign. In Vedic astrology, the Moon symbolizes the mind of a person, and the placement of Moon in your birth chart guides your tendencies and the way you react to different situations.

The Moon is the second most crucial planet in astrology, and it helps in the analysis of the birth star, that signifies the emotional security and mental stability of an individual. The Moon is responsible for the mental and emotional functions that play a major role in maintaining relationships with other beings. When the Moon is in benefic state in your horoscope, it can contribute to you immense mental and emotional strength to handle even the toughest situations, while it may make you prone to depression and mental instability if it is in malefic state in your horoscope.

The Moon sign plays an important role while making predictions about marriage and compatibility with a probable partner. Many zodiac sign calculators are available online that make it easy to know your zodiac sign by name. The Moon sign plays a pivotal role in describing the emotional aspects of people.

Moon is a water sign which rules the emotions and hence is considered as the most important part of Vedic astrology. Find out your zodiac sign by name. Free astrology apps have made it simple to learn about the different zodiac signs. Zodiac sign calculators in these applications facilitate finding your Sun sign and Moon sign along with learning about your compatible signs, favorable days, favorable colors, gemstones and much more.

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Hi I love reading your blogs. Please keep spreading the knowledge sir. My humble gratitude to you. My ex husband was my next door neighbour. In fact my Jupiter is in 3rd house but you said we check 7th house lord. Any way.. Just my views for your blog.

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I know you did say not only 7th house or lord.. When a planet like Jupiter is in 9th house in a horoscope, that is actually aspecting 3rd house, this is the first connection, but some other factors also needs to be checked in the birth chart. Connection must be there. In my article I have given some clues to find out those connections, the rest, means the implementation is up to you. I tried to describe everything in simplest way. Many other things are also there but that could make this article very difficult to understand for beginners.

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Anup Thapa says: Hi, My venus is in the 7th house and aspected from saturn in scorpio from 5th. Sheer Wish says: Hi I love reading your blogs. Shankar Bhattacharjee says: When a planet like Jupiter is in 9th house in a horoscope, that is actually aspecting 3rd house, this is the first connection, but some other factors also needs to be checked in the birth chart. Vinayaka kumar says: Sir, when will I get married. Joyce Helen says: Helleo, Nice article. Please ask your question in detail.

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