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Crabs don't need all the facts and figures to know the right course of action, and their ability to trust intuition without judgment can aid them well. This gift is one that other Zodiac signs can learn from and be inspired by.

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While Cancer easily and accurately reads situations when they're presented, he or she may not share those opinions with others. Speaking up is key, because turning inward with emotions means that those emotions may erupt unexpectedly. Crabs also expect others to know what they're thinking, which is another source of pent-up frustration.

Learning to voice opinions, even if it leads to conflict, is a lifelong lesson for Cancer. While many Cancers probably get the message to "be less emotional," the huge range and depths of Cancers' emotions may in fact be their secret weapon. When this sign is happy, the world knows it; when they're unhappy, the world will work to shift their situation. In general, a Cancer's mercurial moods do a better job than a long speech, and by sharing their emotions with the world, Crabs help other signs tap into theirs as well.

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Expect radical revolution in your social world this year and beyond, Cancer. You might meet the most exciting, fascinating, worldly people and embrace them as your closest mates.

At the same time, there could be a shakeup or two in your oldest friendships. Type keyword s to search. Elle UK. Overview: Change is the only constant this year, Cancer luv.

A Summary of the Cancer Zodiac Sign

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Changeable Traits of a Cancer

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Cancers, whether fairly or unfairly, are known for their moodiness. This is because Cancer's ruler, the Moon , waxes, and wanes with the changing tides. Just as the moon has its phases , so does Cancer. This can be a help or, in some instances, a hindrance. For better or for worse, Cancer sign traits include feeling things very deeply.

What are Cancerians like?

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To understand this highly complicated sign a little better, take a look at Cancer's positive traits. Just keep in mind that every Cancer's birth chart has a multitude of other astrological influences, and this will affect the degree to which an individual expresses these traits. The tender-hearted trait that's so prominent in Cancer is often misunderstood by other zodiac signs.

Cancer Personality Traits (Cancer Traits and Characteristics)

To complicate matters, Cancers find it difficult to communicate what they're feeling because they shut down all emotional responses when hurt. Most of the time, they seem emotionally immature when compared to other signs. While this might be true in some cases, most of the time it's simply that they have a uniquely receptive nature.

Once you get to know these people, you'll quickly realize that they're actually highly evolved individuals who aren't just sensitive to their own emotions.

They're also sensitive to other people's feelings. This empathic ability complicates a Cancer's emotional state of being.

Today's Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, October 8, 12222

Many Cancers are unable to distinguish the difference between their feelings and those they sense in others. Many empaths and psychics have sun signs or several planets in Cancer. The family that Cancer creates with their mate will receive undying loyalty and dedication. They'll move mountains to see that her children have what they need and, in many cases, will lavish them with material gifts.