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R. K. Narayan Writing Styles in An Astrologer's Day

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This section contains words approx. Point of View The story adopts the traditional mode of third-person omniscience.

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Style One aspect of Narayan's writing that has been noted time and again is the remarkably simple style he consistently adopts. View a FREE sample. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying An Astrologer's Day.

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However, it gave an intrigues to what could possible be hidden as the story proceeds. For example the astrologer was full of interior guilt, he was much a stranger to his own work, like his innocent customers. We later find out that he moved because he thought he had killed a stranger. Afterwards, the astrologer itself foreshadows the happenings, which could take place on the future. But he was placed with the past and the decision of his own future.

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It all makes sense at the end because when he was a youngster, the stranger who challenges him was the person that drank and gambled with him but also quarreled badly one day, to the point where the stranger is stabbed and left for dead. Foreshadowing an astrologers day.

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