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Lastly, for the mentioned objectives, there should not be any harmful, obstructive, or destructive yogas in the birth chart of any partner. These all facts are also relevant to the interreligious marriage astrology and the arranged marriages. As far as the inter-caste or inter-religious marriages are concerned, the following astrological facts and factors evince strong chances of the inter-caste or inter religion marriage in horoscope of a person:.

The globally admired love intercaste marriage problems solution by astrology of our profoundly erudite and innovative astrologer expertly tackles all above-mentioned cases to help troubled people.

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All types of problems, disturbances, obstacles, and adversities occurring in the way of peaceful and blossoming love affairs or harmonious and promising inter caste love marriages are pacified, mitigated, or eradicated completely by his ingenious and assured astrology solutions. For providing solutions, he duly considers the above-noted cases and situations, and performs anyone or all of the following tasks:.

Marriages are made in heaven, so goes the saying. It happens when your stars are quite compatible and favourable. Otherwise, it takes time to materialise a good marriage.

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However, her horoscope showed that she would go for love marriage but it would be unsuccessful. However, she did not heed to my advice and now she is a divorcee, living alone.

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By studying your horoscope, astrologers can predict what type of boy would come to your life and the direction he lives or works. Young people should not go by the status of two families. Some time a rich girl is destined to marry a middle class boy or vice versa. Venus in the birth chart decides your marriage prospects.

Whether there is a provision of two marriages in your life or you would be cheated by your partner can be found out from your horoscope. If the position of Venus is good, you may get good marriage proposals.

Inter caste love marriage

Precaution is better than cure. If Venus is neech ka debilitated , ast ka combust or vakr retrograde , remedial measures can be taken.

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Marriage chart in your horoscope tells at what age you must get married, otherwise you remain bachelor or spinster throughout your life. Delayed marriages, if resorted to under compulsion, put your life plan in jeopardy. In that case, children go to school and parents get retired.

When Venus and Jupiter are situated in 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house, prospects of marriage are powerful. If any member of your family is feeding birds, eligible bachelors will not get married due to rejections from other parties.

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Astrological advice can sort it out. In the country of Swayamvera , Indian women enjoy precedence over the choice of their husbands; still they need to take such a decision with wisdom rather than going by emotions. Since she has beauty and brain, she took a decision to marry a wonderful family. Young girls just see the boy and not the family or vice versa.