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It is a cake brimming with nostalgia and warm associations, a loving, classic, homey dessert. As you have surely gathered from this gastronomic metaphor, you and Leo are at opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to general vibes. This contrasting energy will do you some good. On the 15th we get a full moon in your sign!

HOROSCOP 12222 - LEU - by Astrolog Alexandra Coman

This brings the opportunity to let go of anything in your life that is holding you back from the future you want for yourself. For example, maybe you have finally decided that you are never going to get caught wearing dumb socks again. Maybe you want to wear classy, minimalist, all-black crew socks from a luxury sock mercantile.

This is the month where you throw out those toe socks you got in high school because all the popular girls had them, or the Christmas-themed sock collection that grows every time your aunt Margie who never remembers your name comes to the family dinner and hands you a present with no wrapping. It is time to become a whole new bitch, Aquarius. You are the door between darkness and light.

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I am telling you things you already know not because I am that dude in the self-checkout lane who inexplicably tried to tell me how self-checkout worked at CVS yesterday. I am telling you because this month you will need to drink from this deep well of intuition. Leo season lights a fire under many signs, especially under you water babies, causing many of you to jump into action without taking the time to pause and check in with that wee voice in your heart that is only audible if you are very quiet and chill. More specifically, it is time to stop distracting yourself with whatever your favorite time-sucking vice might be.

This is a season where so much can be healed and transformed, if you get uncharacteristically real about it and do the work. Well hello there, you victorious fire ram, it is an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you again here on planet Man Repeller. How was your retrograde? Tumultuous and kinda icky? Or did you face the challenging aspects of Cancer season with enthusiasm and aplomb? Regardless of how you weathered last month, Leo season promises exhilarating opportunities for you to cut loose and shine.

It could be an adventure of the romantic tryst variety. It is 30 feet tall and in New Mexico and I just think that is fabulous. Full moons offer us the opportunity to lighten our spiritual and emotional load. There might be some relationships that you need to reexamine, but luckily you have the Aquarian energy of discernment and cool-headedness to balance out your headstrong nature.

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You see what I did there? I will come correct with significantly fewer dad jokes next month. Let me know how I can make up for my transgressions in the comments section, please and thank you. What do you think about summer house slippers, Taurus? I have spent the last ten minutes imagining what the optimal comfy cozy indoor footwear would be during a summer where the weather feels like a hoard of fire-breathing hellhounds were set loose to wreak havoc on my sense of well-being.

The challenge is that nothing feels cozy when my whole body is perma-damp with sweat. I think that a classic rubber slide with a massaging footbed has to be a top contender, perhaps with a sweat-wicking ultra soft crew sock? It is Leo season, and according to the esoteric congress of stars, planets, and other chill forces of the universe, you should be coming into a very sweet period of grounded, homey delights.

Let these simple pleasures be your focus for the first half of the month. Then, when the full moon in Aquarius hits on the 15th and shifts your energy towards seeing a work-project through to its final stage, you will be recharged and ready to finish strong. Wow that was so inspiring I accidentally motivated myself. Thank you for coming to my presentation, please grab a party favor on the way out.

Oh Gemini, you made it! You hung through a month of challenging scenarios in which you were routinely the odd person out. I absolutely hate that you may have felt excluded last month and I would like to rectify that right now by making extended eye contact with you and offering you my undivided attention in the comments section if you feel so inclined. Luckily, that dark time of disconnection is behind us and we have crawled into Leo season wherein your need to be right in the heat of the action will be fulfilled.

Anyway, around the full moon in Aquarius on the 15th, your communicative powers should experience a significant boost on top of your innate abilities. No matter what you choose to communicate about this month, starchild that burns with the light of one thousand temple fires, know that it is okay to set boundaries, that you come first in your life, and that you are a very good mammal. Hi there, Cancer, are you currently wearing a velour tracksuit and counting your money while surrounded by decadent desserts? If not, I think that you should prepare yourself for this imminent occurrence because Leo season is all about luxury and, according to the stars, you will be taking this to heart.

Venus rules love, beauty, and money and she wants to show off for you this month.

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Like, she is out there in celestial space just slow-grinding and waiting for you to come through and accept her abundance. Yes, in this scenario you would be Drake only it would be totally less creepy. August is looking real good for you, Cancer!

Horoscop săptămânal Gemeni: 1-7 aprilie 12222

Your friends and lovers want to lavish you with attention and presents and the like. I want to formally insist that you accept the good things that are coming to you and not only stop impeding your own blessings but also go out into the world, open your arms, and actively call those blessings down to you!

With these celestial influences, you might find yourself dropping some beliefs that you once held dear, but that you no longer need. You might find yourself realizing your values no longer align with those of the people around you. This is a beautiful moment of clarity, and you should trust whatever your intuition moves you to do.

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Illustration by Audrey H. The Repeller Store Is Open! X Icon. Follow us. Sarah Barnes. After diligently gazing upon the stars and conducting tedious astrological calculations, I would like to encourage you to consider the following birthday party elements: 1.

Champagne bottles with lit sparklers 2. Libra Salutations, you well-loved fiddle leaf fig! Scorpio Dear sweet scorpling, you light beneath every boulder, I am so excited for your Leo season! Sagittarius Oh my lucky stars Sag, it feels fantastic to be here under the auspices of celestial wisdom, choppin it up with you once again. Aquarius Aquarius, you bird in flight, welcome to Leo season! Pisces Pisces! Aries Well hello there, you victorious fire ram, it is an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you again here on planet Man Repeller.

Taurus What do you think about summer house slippers, Taurus? Gemini Oh Gemini, you made it! Cancer Hi there, Cancer, are you currently wearing a velour tracksuit and counting your money while surrounded by decadent desserts? Shop Play expand. Resurrection Art Collective. Trimite postarea unui prieten daca ti-a placut.

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