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Your daily Horoscope for Wednesday, January 23, Your powers of concentration are excellent today, which is why this is the time to. Because your powers of concentration are excellent today, choose routine work you might be avoiding. You'll be surprised how easily you will. Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. Mike Pompeo says U.

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Your powers of persuasion are always formidable but they are. Russia 4th and Germany 5th are the other two countries ahead of India. Libra Weekly Horoscope Someone you meet near this date could turn into a major love interest in the Got a talent to share with the world?

Arun Jaitley Horoscope | Arun Jaitley Kundli | Arun Jaitley Birth Chart

Sparks could fly with someone whose home country is far from yours. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of. Daily horoscope for Wednesday, February 13, alone, in addition to which, your powers of concentration are excellent.

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You might want to learn more about different countries and other cultures. By allocating spheres of corruption to each constituent, they ensured their continuity, confident also that religious division and vote banks that they engineered would blot out their plunder at the next election.

They couldn't have been more misguided.

The entire nation rejoices and salutes India's new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who after a tireless and gruelling campaign of almost two years has received an unprecedented, historic mandate from the people of India to lead our country. I must also congratulate every columnist of The Sunday Guardian for giving a near accurate assessment of the election result. And it has happened just as we forecast and hoped, and Narendra Modi will be Prime Minister of the country, despite the hatred, calumny and lies that was disseminated about him in the most diabolical and calculated manner.

But he fought them all and won. Additionally, I congratulate M.

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As for me personally, I was both overjoyed and proud. Overjoyed, because the person whom I had been fighting for as most qualified and deserving for Prime Ministership of India, was miles ahead of his non-existent competitors. And proud, because my prediction made many months ago, based on my rudimentary knowledge of astrology corroborated by intuition, that Narendra Modi would be a glorious Prime Minister proved to be accurate. Let me, however, assure my readers that I have no plans to change my profession of law for one of a soothsayer.

Arun Jaitley Horoscope

Nor is it my intention to seek some grateful reward from Narendra Modi. But today, I feel totally free to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, unrestrained by any adverse impact it might have on the electoral prospects of the BJP or any of its candidates, including Arun Jaitley. Everyone including Narendra Modi knows that I ceaselessly campaigned for him and the BJP, despite my expulsion from the party, chiefly manipulated by the notorious members of the Club.

My assistance during the election campaign was offered without distinction or discrimination, but about Arun Jaitley, I had written to Narendra Modi a long time ago, that his defeat was more or less certain, even without my campaigning for or against him.

Apart from his humiliating electoral defeat, now that the Club has also come a cropper, his attempts to flood important decision making platforms of Narendra Modi's government with his associates is not going to do him or the new government much good, except perhaps inviting his own quarantine in the party. I believe it was Narendra Modi alone, and none of the other distinguished Party leaders, who was responsible for including the issue of recovery of black money stashed away in foreign banks, in the BJP election manifesto.

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Narendra Modi is aware of my five years of legal battle in the Supreme Court to have a Special Investigation Team supervised by two ex-judges of the Supreme Court to carry out the task of recovering our stolen money. This corrupt action was rejected as vexatious by the new three-judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Dattu on 26 March But what is most shameful is that even as election results were coming in on 16 May, Additional Solicitor General Siddharth Luthra moved the Supreme Court for relief in the shape of stay of the constitution of the SIT, which P.

Chidambaram badly wants. The Hon'ble Judges summarily rejected the frivolous and dishonest request. What emerges crystal clear is the desperation that even as their party was being pulverised at the polls, the infamous looter trio of Sonia, Rahul and Chidambaram were trying their utmost to stall the Supreme Court directions.

In this context, I would like to ask the mother and son one question: the nation should be informed of which foreign country Rahul was sent to by his mother, even as she was dining out the Prime Minister, and what the purpose of this unusual visit was. I look forward to informing Narendra Modi, after he settles down as Prime Minister, about a few significant events that have taken place regarding disclosure about the black money holders, during March this year when I visited Germany.

The German authorities required a request with signatures from the political opposition asking for disclosure of the names.

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On my return, I informed L. Advani and requested him to initiate action regarding obtaining the necessary signatures to a three-line letter also provided to him by me , addressed to the German authorities requesting disclosure. Well, Advani did nothing; when reminded, he referred me to another BJP leader and lastly to my own son. It would clearly appear that any aspirant for office, whether from the Club or Parliamentary Board who does not act in accordance with the commitment of repatriating black money must be viewed as anti-national and anti-party, and would greatly compromise Narendra Modi and the new government.

They would be seen as part of the same criminal conspiracy which includes Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, some Cabinet ministers and associates, obstructing the repatriation of our stolen wealth.