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The website loading speed is incredible. It seems that you're doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. In some of the previous articles, we spoke about the connection between Astrology and Astronomy, and one of the reasons is that astronomical data are used within the astrological calculations, to use statistics as a relevant indicator of accuracy, but essentially those dealing with passionate astrology, it is not important at all if it is classified officially in science or not, because in some countries of the world it is studied at faculties and in some it challenges its character.

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Also for any Astrological analyses, it is clear that one thing needs to be put in the calculation is the date of birth. They need to be managed with care and patience.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, October 8, | Georgia Nicols

Similarly, one half of them is lovely and pleasant, all the while slipping a little, then the Libra is a bit baffling, a bit stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. Their character is not negative, and they will never be decisive to the core; they should learn to be grateful, and will rarely give someone an inconvenience.

When they try to sum up their lives, these people of the October 21 often have an impression that they should be in other circumstances than the existing ones, and that they should handle some things in a different way, more progressive for example. These Libras born on October 21 are primarily oriented to spiritual values, but this is a state that can come later in life, it is not something that is given, and that can blossom from the start.

One thing is very important for those who belong to the October 21 — they only need to have the appropriate stimulus to start doing something great; they could make big things in life. They could be withdrawn and silent; they need to learn to stand out more and feel about your personality around; in fact, they do not value themselves as much as should appreciate because they never understood how much is their potential.

They can have strong emotional urges and needs, they love to be loved, and it could be said, that there is a significant discrepancy between their rationality and prudence, on the one hand, and the rude burst of a love life on the other. As all Libras, these people also can make their personal relationships bad when they are becoming extremely critical to their closest people. These people can be preoccupied with the liberation from the negative values of their parents, society or social circle of their entire life.

No matter how these human beings that celebrate their birthdays on October 21 try to blend in when they look realistically into their core, they are without any doubt distinctly different from those around them. Although they can be charming and open in various social and professional situations, they are, however, persons with whom it is difficult to come to an end when it comes to their business interests. In fact, their relationships are complex and not even eased by their extremely critical nature -this will remind us all that they belong to one of the most critical in a sense that they like to criticize Zodiac signs — Libra.

Libras born on October 21 would be very happy to have a little home, but first they have to choose a partner that would be similar to their temperament; otherwise, the relationship will fail. So, they should look for a partner who will understand their flaws and their system of beliefs, and who similarly view life.

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When we speak about love, we must talk about the people born on October 21 and their parenting skills, since love can be seen as love towards children, and this is one critical aspect of interpersonal relationships. As parents of persons born on October 21, they usually have clearly defined ideas about the proper behavior of their children, which does not mean that their perceptions are conservative, but they have a strong sense of tradition. Even if their life or their decision were compatible with this system of values, they demand such behavior from their children; their previous experience was something else, at least they see it like that.

This is one aspect that could bring them into conflict with their children; they will always have the opportunity to say that they do not want to obey since their parent is not a good example. In their family and love life, they show so much austerity and power that other family members will not provide emotional support until these people are exposed to significant psychological problems and even a nervous breakdown. These people, no matter how demanding they can present themselves, they are in fact, very vulnerable and prone to depression.

But truth to be told, these human beings can overcome such states.


Still, they have an active mind and can endure problems. They can be excellent leaders; they will also work very hard to earn privileges. Truth and justice are always prevailing in making decisions, and this is also true in business decisions. They also feel great when they are in a partnership or social work. скачать

Your natural curiosity will lead you to places as you have great communication skills. You possess insight, so you could be a great writer — your words have a strong impact on people. Your secret power lies in maintaining the strongest emotional connections with people. You are able to appeal to others emotionally and they might see you as a mother figure, a defender of their home or a personal guardian.

You could become a leader as you have the power to inspire people to follow you and fight for your cause — you take people under your wing and they love you for it. Your secret power lies in your personal charisma and confidence. Your powerful personality may grant you royal status among people. You are literally seen as a light in the dark as your Sun illuminates the dark depths of the 8th house and brings out hidden truths.

This is a very spiritual placement — your Sun acts as your shield, blessing you with the ability to withstand psychic attacks. Your practical approach and realism keeps your feet on the ground even if the world would be falling apart. You are not the type to be easily fooled as you possess great detective ability.

You are able to cover your tracks so well that nobody could ever find you nor suspect you. There could be communication with other dimensions or higher realms. You have the potential to master alchemy and act as a messenger between the mundane and the divine.

Just like Hermes, the intermediator who visits the world of the living as well as the underworld. Your secret power lies in relationships and your obvious charm or beauty. You are the embodiment of an especially seductive Venus that can make people easily fall at your feet. You know what people like and how to please them.

This charm might also manifest in the way you carry yourself and in your personality traits. You could become famous for fighting for justice, peace and harmony in this world. You might also indirectly gain a lot of personal power via romantic love. This is the most powerful 8th house placement of all as Pluto is naturally at home in the 8th.

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So your secret power lies in mastering the 8th house itself. This is the placement of a dark magician and the ultimate psychic. Your exceptional insight into human psychology, your ability to transform and embrace impermanence, your sexual power and lethal persona can easily intimidate others around you. Mastering the 8th house means going beyond the need for control, the fear of death, abuse of power, and the ability to tackle your karma and losses, and come out as a survivor.

You possess the power of transforming and changing the lives of others with your strong intuition. Your secret power lies in an open-minded approach to the meaning of life and our role in the universe. You inspire people to go on a quest of truth and discovery. You bring new clarity and expansion to the mystical matters of the 8th house. Exploring foreign places can also bring you luck and fame. You may face paranormal experiences in your life or literally go through things that are completely out of the norm — such as sudden fame or wealth out of pure luck and fortune.

Your secret power lies in bringing order to chaos. You are very good at setting up a working structure, a stable system or keeping a tradition that holds the society together. Where others could crumble and fall, you will stand your ground — firm and strong until the end. You could master the financial side of the 8th house, inspire a strong sense of discipline in others and build a fortune for future generations.

Mastering your Saturn in the 8th house means overcoming despair and rarely giving up even in the most desperate of times. Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, J. Your secret power lies in being unconventional, breaking free from the old, rebellion against oppression and bringing humanity toward a progressive future with your revolutionary ideas.

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You are a visionary at heart, an advocate for human rights, and you stand out against the mainstream and the outdated. A lot of famous artists, musicians and actors are born with this placement and you, too, have the power to make your dreams come true and bring your artistic talents to life.

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An outstanding ability to channel universal wisdom is also possible. Susannah Meel is a professional astrologer and Tarot reader from Estonia.