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He is the recipient of several awards including the "Indian Achievers Award" and uses Astrology with Numerology, as per our ancient texts, for over 35 years in assisting to choose the right baby names, company names and fine-tuning existing children names and individual names to achieve great success.

Using Astrology and selecting the baby names based on Nakshatra is not fully effective as this includes only the starting letter vibration and does not have the control or capability to give continuous success in life. This way of selection mostly creates imbalance in life.

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Raja uses Astrology and Numerology together to maximize success. Go ahead in taking the first important step to bring success and happiness to your new born baby and to yourself. Highly dedicated and sincere in their work, whatever doubts you ask they respond to it very well. We are satisfied and happy. Also visit their website for more details. We are very much satisfied with the name suggested by Dr. Very dedicated and personalized approach for each and every consultation.

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We are very much happy that Dr. Raja suggestion..

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Thanks to Dr. Raja and Shobha". Sundhar Raja - he is a well known branding consultant giving company names for success using his vast knowledge in Astrology and Numerology. My Uncle and Aunt had confusion in choosing a good name for my nephew, they were not able to decide and after contacting Ms. Shobha over phone, we decided to meet Dr.

He has clearly explained the logic in giving the right name for a child from the beginning and gave us the lucky starting letters and then out of the 12 names selected, he chose a very good name. We all liked the name. Thank you Dr. Raja Sir". Now I understand the importance of using both astrology chart and numerology numbers.

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Me and my wife will certainly use the auspicious dates and lucky colors as given by you. Words aren't enough to express our gratitude for your valuable input and suggestions in deciding our baby's name. We are truly happy. Thanking you and Ms. Shobha very much. Sundhar Raja Sir and Shobha Madam.

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  • Raja have given very good inputs for me and my child to have a better future. There was an aura of positive energy and that was imparted to me as well. Looking forward for their advice in all future ventures". Raja sir and very much impressed on answers provided to us and this makes us a great confidence on my baby future and special thanks to Shobha mam to make this happen, thank you so much and looking for great support in the future. Mr Sundhar Raja explained in detail how important a name is as it should provide all the prosperity to not only to the particular person but also to others who around.

    Worth the visit. He believes strongly that only GOD should decide the date and time of birth of a child. However, using Astrology and baby name Numerology Dr.

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    Consider your birthdate is April 5, Now we need to split all these numbers into a single digit and need to sum it up. So the number for it will be 4. Numerology number will always be single digit so we need to continuously split it and sum it up until we get a single digit. Now we will see one table which contains the numerology number corresponding to the letters in English albhabet.

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    Numerology number table. From the above table, 1st we need to assign the number for corresponding letters in the name. Personality number calculation in Numerology Personality numerology number also be calculated based on the letters in our name. But here we need to take only consonants in our name.

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    Now we will take the same example, Mike. In this name, I and E are not consonants.

    So we need to avoid it and consider the rest of the letters to calculate the personality number. Soul Urge Number calculation in Numerology To calculate soul urge number we need to consider only vowels in our name. In this name I and E are vowels. So we need to consider only these two letters to calculate soul urge number.